Documentation - DataBase Explorer (Data Center)

Welcome to the documentation page for Database Explorer. Our app empowers you to effortlessly query, modify and export valuable data from your Jira database. With Database Explorer, you can take full control of your data management processes, ensuring seamless collaboration and streamlined workflow.

Database Terminal view.

Key Features

Effortless Data Querying and Modification:

  • Streamline your workflow by intuitively searching and filtering specific tables for easy data retrieval.

  • Modify your instance’s database with confidence, executing statements directly within Jira.

Seamless Data Export:

  • Export tables to CSV format effortlessly, facilitating seamless data analysis and sharing.

Saved Queries:

  • Administrators can harness the power of our “Save Query” feature, allowing them to create a list of Saved Queries and leverage filtering options by Name, Description, Shared to, Saved by, Date from and Date to.

Enhanced Collaboration:

  • Take collaboration to the next level with “Shared Queries”. Users, not just administrators, can now view and execute queries shared by administrators with specific users and groups.

Robust Security Measures:

  • With robust security checks in place, this app provides an additional layer of protection, reducing the risk of accidental changes and preserving your data's integrity.

Full-Screen Mode:

  • Enjoy the flexibility to expand your screen, ensuring a clearer view and enhanced usability throughout the app.


Remember to exercise caution when working with your Jira database and make changes only if you're certain about what you're doing.

License limitation

If you are using an evaluation license, you can perform up to 10 successful queries in Database Explorer. Once you have reached this limit, you will receive a message notifying you that you need to obtain a license to continue using the plugin.

You have already made 10 successful queries using the evaluation license. If you want to keep using this plugin, consider obtaining a license.