Database Explorer

DataBase Explorer is a Jira Server/DataCenter app that allows Jira admins to query and modify Jira database without leaving Jira. You can run select, delete or update statements.

Modify Jira Database at your own risk! Please be sure of what you are doing before execute statements directly to the database.

DataBase Terminal

Query data base

Go to Administration > Manage apps > DataBase Browser in the column on the left.

  1. Filter easily by table names. Just write in the Filter tables text box and the tables will be filtered automatically.

  2. Click in any table to generate a full select query.

3. Click execute to see the query results.

Other features

Copy table

Click copy table to copy the table with the query results to your clipboard.

Toggle tables

Click toggle tables to hide or show the left column with the tables.

Export to CSV

Click to export the table with the query results to a CSV file

Recent queries

This button shows last 10 queries executed. You can click the Load query button to automatically replace the editor’s content with the selected query.

Cog button

Max results: By default, the select queries will return a maximun of 1000 lines. If you want to modify this number, change Max results to the desired amount of lines.

Block update/deleted without where clause: By default, this app will block update and delete queries without a where clause. If you want to execute these operations without where, uncheck this option.