Documentation - Chat for Jira (Cloud)

Ever wondered what it would be like to have seamless communication at every project level?

Get ready to explore Chat for Jira, a tool designed to transform team interactions. With this app, you can embrace an independent chat for both projects and issues, fostering collaboration and efficiency in every task.

Use cases

Project and Issue Level Chat: Breaking Communication Barriers

Unleash the potential of Chat for Jira as it redefines the way teams communicate. Open dedicated chat windows for projects and issues, making interactions smoother and more intuitive than traditional comments.

Edit and Delete Messages: Empower Conversations

Take control of conversations with the freedom to edit or delete messages sent in the chat. This unique feature allows you to ensure accuracy and adjust shared information while preserving the context of discussions.

Create Issues from Chat: Turn Thoughts into Actions

Witness innovation in action with Chat for Jira. This app empowers you to create issues directly from specific chat messages. Seamlessly convert conversations into actionable tasks, boosting productivity.


Video demo:

For a visual demonstration of how Chat for Jira works, please watch our video demo here:


Need assistance?

If you have any questions or face challenges regarding installation, configuration, or usage of Chat for Jira, our technical support team is here to assist you.

Additionally, you can explore the vibrant Atlassian Community, where users share their experiences and insights about using this application. Together, we're building a world of knowledge and solutions.