Documentation - Who Deleted My Issues? (Data Center)

Welcome to the documentation page for Who Deleted My Issues?, your go-to solution for effortlessly saving, logging, and recovering deleted Jira issues within your Jira Data Center instance.

Deleted Issues view.


Key Features

Tracking Deleted Issues:

  • Automatically track both single and bulk deleted issues to maintain a comprehensive record of changes within your Jira projects.

Seamless Restoration:

  • Restore deleted issues seamlessly to retrieve important information or data whenever needed.

Customization Options:

  • Customize the fields to be logged for deleted issues according to your specific requirements.

Data Management:

  • Export deleted issues in CSV format for backup and later import, ensuring data integrity and accessibility.

  • Clean the log of deleted issues to maintain database organization and efficiency.

Access Management:

  • Grant access to view deleted issues within projects to both Jira Administrators and Project Administrators, enhancing visibility and control.


Video demo:

For a visual demonstration of how Who Deleted My Issues? works, please watch our video demo here:


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