Who deleted my issues

Who Deleted My Issues? - Data Center

Ever wondered who's behind the enigmatic disappearances of your Jira issues?

Get ready to unravel the mystery! Introducing Who Deleted My Issues?, a powerful and easy-to-use tool that allows you to take charge of your deleted issues.

Never lose sight of your valuable data again. Take advantage of the simplicity of our application to enhance your workflow.

Use cases

Supercharge Your Efficiency with Who Deleted My Issues?

💾 Swift Recovery:
Say goodbye to the stress of losing vital data. Swiftly recover your deleted issues, whether it's one or in bulk.

🔒 Secure Backup:
Maintain peace of mind with our secure CSV backup system. Restore your issues anytime, anywhere.

🛠️ Field Customization:
Take charge by customizing the fields you want to preserve from your deleted issues.

🖥️ Intuitive Interface:
Our agile and adaptive interface ensures a seamless experience while investigating and managing your issues.


What can Who Deleted My Issues do for you?

Streamline Your Daily Routine with These Standout Benefits:

🌐 Effortless exploration:
Navigate easily through our potent search engine and filters to locate and restore deleted issues.

🔒 Reliable backup:
Say goodbye to loss. Protect crucial data with CSV backups and recover it on demand.

🚫 Selective safeguarding:
Exclude specific projects to ensure no deleted issues are recorded from those projects.

💻 Video demo:

Get ready to witness the Who Deleted My Issues? app in action with this short demo video. Experience firsthand the true potential of the app!


Uncover possibilities with Who Deleted My Issues?

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