Documentation - Pin Comments And Attachments (Data Center)

Welcome to the documentation page for Pin Comments And Attachments. This app empowers you to easily pin comments and attachments, control access with admin permissions, and find pinned comments via JQL.

Pin any comment or attachment in one click.


Key Features

Easily Pin Comments for Visibility:

Click "Pin this comment" to instantly add it to the "Pinned Comments" section, enhancing visibility and organization.

Powerful Options in the Pinned Comments Section:

  • Color Buttons: Highlight comments with preferred colors effortlessly.

  • Copy Comment: Easily copy comment content to the clipboard with a single click.

  • Unpin Comments: Remove pinned comments with one click, keeping them intact in the "Comments" tab.

  • Delete Comments: Instantly remove comments with a single click on the "Delete" option below each comment.

Display Latest Comment with Last Comment Custom Field:

The latest comment is prominently displayed in both the issue view and issue search screen with the Last Comment custom field.

Effortlessly Pin Attachments for Priority Visibility:

Simply click the "Pin this attachment" icon below each attachment to move it to the top of the attachment box. Remove the Pin from attachments by clicking on the icon again.

Customizable User Permissions:

Admins can tailor permissions for comments and attachments, including pinning, editing, and deleting, ensuring robust control over content management.

Streamlined Issue Search with JQL:

Easily find issues with pinned comments using JQL search. Type your query and click "Search" to see issues with pinned comments in the results.

Explore JQL functions like issuesWithPins() and issuesWithPinsByUser([username]) for enhanced search capabilities.

Validator and Post Function Integration:

  • Pinned Comments Validator: Verify the existence of pinned comments within the issue.

  • Pin Last Comment Post Function: Ensure that the last comment of the issue is pinned with the previously selected category.


Video demo:

For a visual demonstration of how Pin Comments And Attachments works, please watch our video demo here:


Need assistance?

If you have any questions or face challenges regarding installation, configuration, or usage ofPin Comments And Attachments, our technical support team is here to assist you.

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