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Tired of losing sight of crucial comments and attachments in Jira?

Never lose sight of important comments and attachments in Jira! Organize, prioritize, and never miss a crucial comment or attachment again. Improve collaboration, increase efficiency, and take control of issue management.

Use cases

Pin Comments And Attachments helps you in key situations:

🤝 Effortless collaboration:
Keep your team on the same page by pinning essential comments and attachments.

🚀 Efficient issue management:
Prioritize and easily access crucial information, ensuring effective issue resolution.

🔐 Enhanced privacy and control:
Customize access to pinned content, making sure that only authorized people see it.

🔍 Quick information retrieval:
Use powerful JQL functions to locate issues with pinned comments, saving time and boosting productivity.


What can Pin Comments And Attachments do for you?

Discover how Pin Comments And Attachments empowers your workday:

🗂️ Optimize communication:
Transform your Jira experience by effortlessly pinning essential comments and attachments. Enhance communication among team members.

⏱️ Boost productivity:
Spend less time searching for vital information. With pinned content at your fingertips, accomplish tasks more efficiently.

🔒 Tailored access management:
Jira Administrators can now determine who can create, modify, or delete pinned content, granting you control over your data.


Key features

Pin Comments and Attachments with a single click

Suppose you are dealing with a crucial comment or attachment that you cannot overlook:

In situations where an issue accumulates numerous comments and attachments, the risk of overlooking critical content is significant. So what's the solution? This app comes to your rescue by allowing you to pin these gems, ensuring you never lose sight of what truly matters.

  1. 💬 Comments:

    Once you've pinned a comment, its visibility increases in the Pinned Comments tab of the post:

    Several buttons await you there, all of them with great potential:

    🎨 Color buttons: effortlessly highlight the comment with a color of your choice.

    📋 Copy comment: with a simple click, the content of the comment is copied to the clipboard.

    📌 Unpin comment: if you need to unpin a comment, with a single click you will delete it (the comment will remain intact in the Comments tab).

    🔍 Last comment custom field: this useful resource adds a "Last Comment" Custom Field to the issue display screen, which provides a quick view of the most recent comment on the issue.

  2. 📎 Attachments:
    Pin any attachment in the thumbnail view within the issue, instantly organizing and enhancing visibility. Pinned attachments are automatically sorted and highlighted, ensuring quick access.
    Attachments in the list view also receive the spotlight, streamlining your workflow.

  3. 📌 Pinned comments validator:
    This feature validates whether the issue in transition contains a pinned comment. Stay on top of your critical information flow with ease.

One-Click Pinning: Secure Your Comments and Attachments Instantly.


Empower everyone with new user permissions

Now, the power is in your hands! Administrators and Project Managers can harness the app's potential by following these simple steps. Let's do it:

  1. Navigate to project permissions: 🚀 Head to your project's permission scheme: the center of your project's command hub.

  2. Spot the new permissions: 🔍 Discover the new permissions: You will see five new permissions, strategically placed for your convenience.

  3. Effortless user assignment: 🧑‍💻 These permissions will be granted to all users who log in during their first contact with the app. Remember that you can modify them to suit your needs at any time.

Let's unveil the magic behind these permissions:

  • Pin Attachments and Comments: 📎 Grant the ability to craft pins for existing comments and attachments in the issue. Empower your content with pins that stand out!

  • Delete all pins: 🗑️ Take command of your project by wielding the power to obliterate every single pin across all issues. A clean slate, if you will.

  • Delete your own pins: 📌 Keep it personal. This permission is your ticket to removing pins you've personally created. Keep your space tidy and relevant.

  • Edit all pins: 🎨 Infuse a splash of personality! This permission lets you play artist by modifying any pin's color according to your needs.

  • Edit your own pins: 🖌️ Your creative canvas awaits. Edit the pins you've crafted, giving you the flexibility to fine-tune your messages.

    Empower Admins: Unleash Control – Pin Creation, Deletion, Modification.


Dive into how this app empowers you to effortlessly locate issues using our robust JQL functions, now equipped to uncover pinned comments!

1. issuesWithPins()

Returns all issues with one or more pinned comments. For instance:

project = "PKEY" and key in issuesWithPins()

2. issuesWithPinsByUser([username])

Returns all issues with one or more pinned comments that have been pinned by that user. For example:

key in issuesWithPinsByUser("jane") and resolution is ...

🔗Unlock new possibilities with your JQL searches and effortlessly find the answers you need. Harness the power of Pin Comments And Attachments to revolutionize your Jira experience.

Effortless Discovery: Seamlessly Find Issues using JQL Search.

💻 Video demo:

Curious to see our Pin Comments and Attachments app in its element? Look no further! Immerse yourself in the video below and uncover the boundless capabilities that await. Don't miss out on the chance to explore the full potential of our innovative app:


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