Advanced Issue History

Advanced issue history allows you to get a simple and clear view of issue changes.

The app enables a new tab called ‘Advanced activity’ in the Activity section of the Issue view.

You can filter the data displayed by selecting the desired fields in the field selector at the top of the tab.

The filter can be saved at two different scopes:

  • For this project: the filter will be loaded automatically each time you access an issue belonging to the current project

  • For all projects: the filter will be loaded automatically whenever you access any issue in your Jira instance, except those issues belonging to projects with a specific filter



For each change, the following information is displayed:

  • Date and Time

  • Author avatar. If you hover your mouse over it, you'll be able to see detailed information, even access their profile

  • Fields: Name and current value


Do you want any other functionality? Do not hesitate to contact us!